The Mini Polystation 3 was a rip off of the real Sony PlayStation 3 and the latest model of the PlayStation rip off-Famiclone Polystation series. Unlike its predecessor (Nintendo Polystation and Super Polystation 2), it was more similar to the Neo Double Games, a DS rip off. It uses 3 AAA batteries to work and the screen comes out of the top left of the console. It also uses a PS3-like controller.

Polystation 3

Why it flopped

  1. The console itself was very small in size, making obvious the fact that it was a knockoff console.
  2. The games were 1 bit LCD games, similar to the Neo Double Games.
  3. It only came with one out of the seven games it included.
  4. It had no sound effects or music.
  5. The controller was very tiny, fitting easily into someone's hand.


Stuart Ashen of Ashens reviewed the console on his channel. He found it so bad, that he cut it open and cut the wires inside it.

YouTube top 10 list creator Danger Dolan put it number 1 at the top 10 worst knockoffs.

PolyStation 3 Review

PolyStation 3 Review