Nokia N-Gage wikittää

The N-Gage (also called as the Nokia N-Gage) was a handheld console made in 2003 by Nokia and attempted to beat the Game Boy Advance , as being both a video game console and a mobile phone. It also had an MP3, Real Audio/Video playback and PDA features. It could play standard Series 60 software, along with Java MIDP applications as well.

Why it Flopped

  1. The buttons for the phone were not well suited for gaming, and gamers were uncomfortable using the phone feature. It wouldn't be until one year later, 2004, where the N-Gage QD would fix this problem, but by then, the brand had gained a poor reputation.
  2. In order to insert the game, gamers had to remove the cover and the battery to get to the slot.
  3. It had a price of $299 at launch. Due to very poor sales, retailers lowered the price to $199. Meanwhile, the launch price of the Game Boy Advance was only $99.
  4. By the time the N-Gage was discontinued, it had a library of 58 titles, with 56 of them released to North America. By then, though, Nokia had started working on smartphones and started the N-Gage service, putting the N-Gage into smartphones. This lasted until 2010, when the service was discontinued.
  5. The N-Gage was mostly infamous for its appearance, which resembled a taco and was "remembered as a mildly humorous internet joke" according to GameTrailers.
  6. The screen was tall but not very wide.
  7. The speaker and the microphone were located on the side of the phone. This resulted in many describing it as a "Talking Taco" or a "Sidetalking N-Gage".

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