NASCAR Challenge is a racing video game released by Morning Star and Hasbro Interactive for the Game Boy Color in December 1999. It is the first NASCAR game to be released for the Game Boy Color, followed by NASCAR 2000, Heat and Racers, as well as one of the first Game Boy Color games to feature a rumble pak cartridge.

Why it Sucks

  1. Bland, generic graphics.
  2. Lack of variety, there's only Race and Practice mode.
  3. The game's Rumble Pak cartridge is ridiculously expensive and rather useless, as the console will only vibrate if the car goes off-road or hits an opponent.
  4. The game doesn't even have half of the elements it promised when it was released. The game was supposed to have a two-player mode, but was removed in the final version for unknown reasons. The game also promised to contain six tracks, but the final version has only three of them.
  5. Terrible and stiff controls.
  6. The tracks look very bland and can be recognized only from their shape.


IGN gave the game a 2.0 (Painful) out of 10, encouranging racing enthusiasts to put the box back on the shelf and walk far away. GameBoy Station gave the game an 1 out of 10.