Need for Speed: The Run is a racing video game and the eighteenth title in the long-running Need for Speed franchise. It was developed by Canadian EA subsidiary EA Black Box and published by Electronic Arts. The Wii and 3DS versions were developed by Firebrand Games, the team behind Undercover and Nitro (both DS versions). It was released in North America on November 15, 2011 and November 18, 2011 in Europe.

It was the last game developed by EA Black Box before being shut down in 2013.

Why It sort of Sucks

  1. The game doesn't know if it wants to be an action game or a racing game. At one point, in Chicago, you drive in the start of the race, but then your car is wrecked by the mob and it then changes to an action game, consisting of a sequence with QTEs.
  2. Unskippable cutscenes.
  3. Weak story.
  4. Somewhat short campaign.
  5. Rubberband AI.
  6. Boring characters.
  7. Linear gameplay.
  8. You can only drive the Tier 5 cars DURING THE 2 LAST STAGES OF THE CAMPAIGN. It should be common sense to unlock supercars in a racing game near the end of the middle part of the campaign!
  9. Sloppy car handling.
  10. In Europe, this game is restricted to people 16 and over.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The concept of a cross-country race from San Francisco to New York is pretty amusing and creative.
  2. A few cars return from previous NFS games.
  3. Really impressive graphics.
  4. Some of the races in some stages can get really intense.
  5. Good voice acting.
  6. It's the first NFS game to get dubbed in Latin American Spanish for South & Central American markets.
  7. Decent sound design.
  8. During the campaign, you can change colors, install body kits to your car and even change your car in some races in almost every stage in a Shell oil station.
  9. It's at least better than Need For Speed: Undercover.
  10. Awesome action scenes.
  11. Awesome soundtrack, giving some songs in certain races of certain stages a sense of suspense.