Neo Double Games

What's the point of having 2 screens when only one works?!

Neo Double Games is a cheap Nintendo DS ripoff made in 2005 by an unknown company from China. It possibly came with four games (but only two with the console): Street Fighter, Submarine Invasion, Soccer and Fortress Guardian.

Why it flopped

  1. Despite looking like a Nintendo DS, the console is not even close to it in terms of quality.
  2. The games it had were at a very low resolution due to its simplicity.
  3. The controls were horrible, with many of the buttons not functioning.
  4. The second screen is not even working. Instead, it's just a case for the second game.
  5. The top screen may fall to your fingers while playing due to bad quality.
  6. The "value pack" of the console only contained a hand strap and rubbish headphones.
  7. You will hardly understand the instructions because the instructions have broken English and are in Engrish.
  8. Horrible sound effects.


Console reviewer Ashens reviewed the Neo Double Games in March 28th, 2006. He criticised the console for its bad quality and terrible gameplay.

Danger Dolan ranked it number 7 at his top 10 worst console knockoffs.