The Nintendo Polystation (not actually made by Nintendo) is a PlayStation rip-off and the most infamous Famiclone console. It is the first of the PolyStation series, which were mainly Famiclones (except the Mini Polystation 3, which was a poor knockoff of the PlayStation 3 with LCD games).

Due to copyright infringement, it removed Nintendo from the name, and was called simply Polystation.

Why it flopped

  1. False advertising: It boasted over 1 million games in it, when it actually has many games that are the same, but with different titles. It also claimed to have stereo sound, while it has mono, since it's a Famiclone.
  2. The games are just hacked NES titles. For example, in Super Mario Bros., Mario is replaced by Pikachu.
  3. The disc tray is actually a cartridge slot.
  4. Very fragile, the dis tray is broke easily.
  5. In the box was say its ''It's just not a game anymore!!''


Danger Dolan rated it number 8 at his 10 worst console knockoffs (The Mini Polystation 3 was number 1).

It still had other toy companies in China and SEA countries that continued to produce these consoles and sell them in supermarkets today.

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