No Man's Sky is an action-adventure survival video game developed and published by the indie studio Hello Games for PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows. The game was released worldwide in August 2016.

The game is said to be able to produce over 18.6 quintillion different planets to explore.

Why it Sucks

  1. False advertisement. In many interviews Sean Murray, the lead developer, was asked about features would be included in the game and he said yes to almost everything. When the game was released, gamers quickly found that most of those features are missing. Many are comparing this situation to what happened with Aliens: Colonial Marines. The game was even investigated for false advertisement claims just like Colonial Marines.
  2. Quantity over Quality. The entire game is sold on how big its world is instead of what you can do in that world. 
  3. Mediocre space combat.
  4. While the game can produce 18.6 quintillion planets through procedural generation algorithms, those quickly exhaust the available assets and become repetitive and similar. Often you'll find planets and species that look almost exactly the same except for a few very minor differences and sometimes the creatures look really ugly. Some planets are even empty. Once you see a few planet types, you've pretty much seen everything the game has to offer because all the other planets are just the same with very minor reskins.
  5. Several delays, yet many of the promised features are not found in the final product.
  6. Zero plot or true objectives. (Update 1.3 added a Mission system and according to the devs, 30 hours of story content)
  7. It cost 60 DOLLARS at launch yet it feels like an early access game.
  8. Frequent crashes in early versions.
  9. Clunky inventory management.
  10. The interface requires you to hold a button for seconds to do any action in the game, and there is no option to make it so you can merely click or press a button to do actions in the game.
  11. Many solid models in the game such as Ore and Stone are missing. Only textures exist and they disappear when you get close to them.
  12. Alien species you find in planets do nothing but stand in the same place and talk to the player.
  13. If you start the game in a hostile or dangerous planet, leaving it might prove too difficult.
  14. It took over a year to make multiplayer possible and even then the multiplayer is lackluster.
  15. Gameplay becomes boring and tedious quickly after you leave the first planet. Soon you realize that the game boils down to basically nothing but mining resources to go to another different planet, rinse and repeat.
  16. Once you get past the giant universe to explore premise, you realize that this is just another survival crafting game.
  17. Reaching the center of the universe does nothing but resetting the game, causing you to lose all progress made up to that point.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The idea of visiting different planets and galaxies in space is a rather creative idea.
  2. The soundtrack is nice.
  3. The art design can at times be gorgeous.
  4. It can be an oddly relaxing game to play at times.
  5. While the damage may be already done and they should've done so before launch, Hello Games deserve a bit of credit for trying to add new things and improve the base game at no additional cost.


Initially the game was highly anticipated and overhyped by gamers, to the point that when the game was delayed the developers received death threats. While the game was fairly well received by critics, gamers were strongly disappointed and angered by all of the missing features that were advertised. As of this writing the game has a "mostly negative" rating on Steam, with many of the user reviews being extremely negative.

Several reviews have pointed out that the game feels more like a beta proof-of-concept or an engine test rather than a finished product and that 10-15$ should've been a more reasonable price.

Angry Joe gave a 5/10 score (mentioning its the most painful 5/10 he's ever had to give), explaining that the first couple hours are enjoyable and that the game had a solid foundation and potential, but nothing more because then you realize there's nothing to do.

Due to Steam's refund policy that doesn't refund any games played for over 2 hours, many users were very angry and felt like they got cash-grabbed because they spent 3-4 hours at the enjoyable first planet before later finding out that the rest of the game is repetitive and boring. Later, Steam offered No Man's Sky refunds regardless of playtime. This is the first game that Steam has offered a special refund policy for a game.

The developers kept internet silence over the release and the missing features. Neither Hello Games nor Sean Murray twitted anything for over a month after the game was released. After a month of internet silence, Hello Games had released a major update for the game called "The Foundation Update" which allows players to create bases and experience new modes for the game like Survival mode which is just a hard mode that provides limited resources and drains health quicker than usual. However, it wasn't enough to bring back the 90% of players that have abandoned the game.

On March of 2017 Hello Games released a second major update called the "Pathfinder Update" which adds more advanced graphics for the PlayStation 4 Pro console and also a permanent death mode where you lose your progress if you die.