In gaming, Pac-Man was one of the first official gaming mascots and became extremely popular. Due to its success, many companies have (and some still do) made unauthorized clone games in hopes of making a quick buck. Some clones are actually quite good, such as the Pac-Man hacks for the Nuon, but most were made hastily and have no semblance of quality.

Examples of Clones

  1. Pac-Guy for PC
  2. Tax Man for Apple II (This game was programmed by students at a high school. It was later sold to Atari, which they ended up selling as a licensed version after suing the students)
  3. Mighty Mouth, by A-1 Machines, which Midway ended up suing them for.
  4. CatChum, a text-only game for Kaypro line of luggable home computers.
  5. Munch Man, by Texas Instruments for the TI-99 home computer.
  6. Paccie, by Phoenix Games for the PlayStation 2.

Why These Clones Suck

  1. Various graphical glitches that can ruin gameplay.
  2. Incredibly limited gameplay that pales in comparison to the original.
  3. Lack of originality.
  4. Bad sound effects and sound mixing.
  5. Awful controls.


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