Paperboy NES

Well deliver us the torment of this difficult game!

Paperboy is a video game on the NES and developed by Atari released in 1984.


All you do is deliver newspapers, and you're supposed to reach to a fanfare at the end after delivering papers.

Why It Sucks

  1. The pausing is glitchy enough that the pausing itself only lasts for a fraction of a second as opposed to indefinitely.
  2. The white, yellow, and blue houses are subscribers, and the red houses are non-subscribers, which is unrealistic considering that how realistic would it be to color your house after you subscribe and undo the coloring after you unsubscribe?
  3. The game is tilted diagonally, which makes it hard to deliver the newspaper themselves and aim them at the doormat or mailbox.
  4. You need to have perfect timing when throwing papers.
  5. A person from one of subscriber houses chases you, even if you throw a paper perfectly on their doormat.
  6. The graphics are so bad that its hard to tell what some of the hazards are. For example: The triggered person, tricycle Boys, workmen (which look more likely perverts), manholes, etc.
  7. The dog hazard runs far.
  8. You can't ride over the curb until there's a driveway, and you can't get off the sidewalks either.
  9. The Grim Reaper is in town as an obstacle.


The Commodore 64 version was given a 44% by Zzap!64 and wasn't very enthusiastic about it. Richard Leadbetter of Computer and Video Gamesmagazine reviewed the Atari Lynx version giving a score of 67% stating "Looks good, but simply isn't enough fun to play." The Angry Video Game Nerd has been playing this game for nearly 30 years and claimed it is still a difficult game to play.


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