Pokemon Black and Blue

The title of Pokémon Black & Blue shows injury to Pikachu and the others.

PeTA Browser games were controversial internet browser games created by the animal rights group known as PeTA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). These games parodied video games, often Nintendo games, in an attempt to force their beliefs concerning animal cruelty on people.

After the release of Super Mario 3D Land, PeTA responded to Nintendo by saying that Mario was wearing the skin of a Tanuki (Japanese Racoon Dog). PeTA later created a video game called Mario Kills Tanooki to draw attention to the real-life killing of raccoon dogs for their fur. After it was released, people sent all sorts of negative messages to PeTA, saying they were hypocritical for creating a video game that highlights animal abuse so PeTA apologized for the mistake.

PeTA took on the Pokémon series with Pokémon Black and Blue, a parody of Pokémon Black and White that focuses on animal fighting and experimentation. In role-playing-style battles, the player controls a Pikachu who escapes its trainer, Cheren. Pikachu first fights Cheren and then moves on to other Trainers in order to rescue their Pokémon from ownership. Pikachu recruits these Pokémon to its cause, as well as the sympathetic Nurse Joy. A sequel, Pokémon Red, White, and Blue, followed in 2013. The game suggests that Nintendo's continual release of Pokémon games reduce humans' empathy for animals. The game stars Pikachu and Miltank, who battle McDonald's characters like the Hamburglar in a crusade against the rare but ongoing practice of meat production in the Unova region.

Why Their Games Sucked

  1. Poor controls.
  2. Many of their games contain violent, bloody, and disturbing imagery, even though their games are supposedly targeted towards children and are based on kid-friendly video game franchises.
  3. Poor grasp of the source material they are trying to parody. In Pokémon Black and Blue in particular, even though the writers apparently know that Ghetsis wanted to take over the world all along, they still praise Team Plasma anyway and act like Ghetsis isn't indicative of their true goals. The Final Boss is also a corrupt version of Ash Ketchum even though he's from the anime, not the games. The game depicts Ash as an abusive jerk who never cared for his Pokémon, proving they didn't even get past the first fifteen minutes of the first episode of the anime.
  4. One of their games, New Super Chick Sisters, has a Japanese language option which is a straight translation from English to Japanese without any localization to make it consistent with the Japanese Mario games. For example, Bowser isn't called Koopa (クッパ) as he is in Japanese and a line he says that references Super Mario RPG ("Fungah! Foiled again!") is translated directly from English instead of using the Japanese equivalent of the line, which was "Fungya!" (フンギャ!). (Info courtesy of Legends of Localization, article here)
  5. Does nothing to inform or educate.
  6. After you get a badge in Pokémon Black and Blue, it shows real, highly graphic footage of animal-abuse.