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With every big fish, there's a leech on the belly.

Pocket Monsters (also known as Pokémon: Pikachu Edition) is a pirated Super Nintendo and Mega Drive game based off the Pokémon series. The SNES version is credited to DVS Electronics and appears to have been released in 2000, as hinted by details on the box art.

This game is the bootleg from Digimon Adventure in the Super Nintendo which it's also the bootleg too.


The game is a basic platformer. You take control of Pikachu and traverse across different landscapes with one goal: get from one end of the stage to the other.

Why it Sucks

  1. Poor controls.
  2. Numerous glitches, like the game lags if Pikachu jumps.
  3. Some of the enemies aren't even actual Pokémon, such as a monkey, a dinosaur (for which looks like the Rex enemies from Super Mario World), and a bug (which JonTron referred to as "poop")
  4. No checkpoints, you have to beat each level in one go.
  5. Sub-par graphics.
  6. Everytime you jump, the game lags.
  7. Frustrating bosses, in order for you to damage them, you have to use Pikachu's Thunder attack, but it needs to charage up first.
  8. Poor and unfitting music ripped from Bonkers for SNES. In the first level, the music is overly intense and frantic, even though nothing crazy is happening.