Police Qust SWAT

Police Quest: SWAT is a Full Motion Video game released by Sierra in 1995, and is the fifth game in the Police Quest and SWAT series. Since it's a FMV game, the game came with 4 CD-Roms. The game was built on the SCI2 engine, which was also used in 3 other Sierra games, Police Quest 4: Open Season, Phantasmagoria and Gabriel Knight.

Why it Sucks

  1. The game doesn't have any plot at all.
  2. Most of the game is spent just exercising in a police room...
  3. ... Which is the exact reason why there are only 3 missions in the whole game (a mentally ill grandmother, a barricaded fugitive, and a terrorist attack).
  4. If you try to skip the pointless cutscenes, The characters will get angry and tell you off for interrupting.
  5. The gameplay is very confusing and tedious, especially during the training sections, which make up most of the game. These training sections will have you repeating the same movements and shots over and over again for what seems like an eternity, and it's not even fun.
  6. The game is very unforgiving of mistakes, and makes little effort to explain the key features and items of the game, such as the LASH or the mirror, to you. As a result, the game can be very confusing, and it sometimes just comes down to trial and error to figure out what works and what gets you killed or told off by your boss.
  7. The game's in-game menus, which are used for communicating with fellow officers and selecting weapons and items, are confusing to navigate.
  8. Despite its artificial difficulty and tedious gameplay, the game is actually very short because of the aforementioned lack of missions.
  9. The game's FMV cutscenes feature lackluster acting, and the voice acting doesn't fare much better.


When Hardcore Gaming 101 reviewed this as part of the Police Quest review, they classified this as one of the worst games they have ever played.