Postal III is an action game developed by Trashmasters and published by Akella. The game had no direct involvement from Running With Scissors, the original developers of the Postal series, which accounts for the game's crappiness. In fact, RWS has since disowned the game and made it non-canon.

Why It Sucks

  1. Low budget graphics even when compared to it's predecessor, released eight years before.
  2. Lots of bugs.
  3. Awkward, obtuse controls.
  4. Bad collision detection, which coupled with the bad controls makes the gameplay a chore.
  5. The game is completely linear, in contrast to the open-worldness of the previous game.
  6. All missions play practically identically.
  7. Awful script, with bad attempts at edgy jokes.
  8. It was made on the Source Engine, which powered amazing games like Half-Life 2 and Portal. Which is the reason why the game's loading time is awful.
  9. Running With Scissors hated the game so much, that they retconned it in Postal 2: Paradise Lost as a nightmare that the Postal Dude had
  10. Bad physics, even though the source engine was designed to have physics.
  11. Fire doesn't spread any more like in Postal 2.
  12. All the weapons feel awkward and weak to use. In fact, the only weapon you will ever use is the M16 because it does the most damage. All the other weapons feel very weak and awkward.
  13. The "Free roam" mode is a complete joke. The only thing you can do in free roam is just kill people and that's it. Postal 2 was open world and it was about exploration when you weren't doing the objectives.
  14. Postal 2 was later updated to have a boxed copy of the game hidden in the grass. If you wee on it, you get an achievement. That's how much RWS hate this game!
  15. Often times during cutoff points during cutscenes, a very loud ARRAAA sound effect plays before going to a different cutscene. It gets very annoying as it happens a lot. Also what even is the point of it? Is it supposed to be funny?
  16. The game encourages you to take the good path, and not kill anyone. If you join the police force on the good path, most of the time you have to use the stun game, to stun them, not kill them. If you kill enough people on the good run, you have to be on the bad run. WHAT KIND OF POSTAL GAMES ENCOURAGES YOU NOT TO KILL EVERYONE?
  17. There's no point in even buying this game, because Mike Jaret (CEO of Running With Scissors) will give out product keys for free if you email him asking for one.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. It has a branching story with paths to chose from, which is something that Postal 2 didn't have.
  2. The art style is good. The opening in the beginning of the game is done well and shows off what they were going for.
  3. Corey Cruise's voice acting is alright, even though he returns in Postal 2: Paradise Lost expansion pack as the "Alternate Postal Dude". Meanwhile Postal 2's Steam release features Rick Hunter's unused lines recycled from this travesty of a game.
  4. Even though the graphics aren't good, but the detail looks decent compared to Postal 2.
  5. You can kill Osama Bin Laden including Uwe Boll himself, just like how Postal 2 did to Running With Scissors and Gary Coleman themselves.
  6. It's possible to turn the vacuum cleaner (literally) into a grenade launcher by sucking and throwing the hand-grenades (if the player has enough amount of them).
  7. Good soundtrack, with an excellent remix of "Goodbye Almond Eyes" by Tokyo Rose and "Going Postal" by Secondhand Child.
  8. There's modifications like the "Postal III Improvement Mod", in which fixes most of the game's issues and removes the notorious "Karma Meter" in order to allow the player to be able to kill anyone without affecting the gameplay.
  9. And even better: It's being remade as a Postal 2 mod known as "Postal III Unreal". Which is actually HOW the game must be correctly made.
    Playing Postal 3- No Catharsis to be Found45:45

    Playing Postal 3- No Catharsis to be Found

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