Rayxanber II is a Shoot'em Up game released in 1991 for the PC Engine CD by Data West. You control the RT-X fighter, which must take down the forces of the alien Zoul Empire.

Why it Sucks

  1. Broken, unbalanced difficulty. Your ship is very slow and pathetically weak, and the screen gets flooded by enemies very fast.
  2. Power-ups are mostly useless, as not only you can't stack them, you must also consider the direction when picking the power-up items.
  3. The special weapons can be charged, but the charged shots are even more useless than the regular shots, since you can't shot again until the shots disappear from the screen.
  4. Large enemies are big bullet sponges, requiring a lot of punishment to be destroyed to the point that it's just better to avoid them unless you are using a turbo controller.
  5. Using the dash button sends your ship flying maddeningly fast to the direction pressed, which often caused you to crash into enemies or scenery.
  6. Uneven checkpoint placement. Whenever you reach a boss the screen fades to load a new are, which counts as a checkpoint and most of the time will have no power-ups for the player.