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Resistance Records is a Canadian record label owned by the neo-Nazi group National Alliance. They are also known for making the poorly done white supremacist first-person shooters, Ethnic Cleansing, White Law, and ZOG‘s Nightmare. The poor quality of these games resulted with them being compared unfavorably to Daikatana.

Why Their Games Suck

  1. Being neo-Nazi propaganda pieces, the games effectively count as a form of hate speech that unashamedly endorses fascist/white supremacist beliefs and the genocide of minorities, among others.
  2. The lyrics in their music contains extreme racial slurs against minorities, especially towards African Americans.
  3. No real story. In fact, all plot behind their games are just absurd pretexts to genocide.
  4. Awful draw distance.
  5. Extremely slow framerate.
  6. Full of game breaking bugs, including a tendency to crash.
  7. Terrible graphics.
  8. Extremely lazy level designs with ugly textures. One of the levels has a hallway whose texture consists entirely of Stars of David.
  9. Poor AI.
  10. Annoying voice acting.
  11. Extremely long loading times.

Redeeming quality

  1. Their games suck so much, they can actually keep the youth away from neo-Nazism.
  2. The company's founder actually renounced his old white supremacist ways.
  3. Even metal musicians despise white supremacist music.

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