Retro Force is a 3D vertical-scrolling shoot-em-up game for the Sony PlayStation, published by Psygnosis and developed by Psygnosis' Leeds Studio of Wip3out and Colony Wars: Red Sun fame, and released on March 12, 1999 exclusively in Europe and Oceania.


The game is set on November 29, 2999 at the height of the upcoming Millennial Celebrations, that are to be held at the Ancient Temple. Yet the celebrations come to a hold as a mysterious UFO controlled by a being only-known as Kyati approaches the sacred green crystal called The Artefact, which can unleash disasters when it is pieced together causing a prophecy to come true. The game follows the titlular Retro Force consisting of Paris Tetsuo, Hawtin Raydar, Sinclair and Pi, as they attempt to stop Kyati from piecing the artefact together until it is too late, as both Kyati and Retro Force are sent back in time, and the artefact pieces are scattered across various time zones, in which, the player(s) has/have to guide the Retro Force team through time to retrieve them before Kyati does and eventually pieces the artefact together once more to cause even greater chaos, while also fighting against Kyati and his fleet at the same time.

Why it Sucks

  1. Absurd plot involving a prophecy and time travel.
  2. Generic gameplay.
  3. Lackluster graphics.
  4. Horrible animations.
  5. Laughable and lackluster ending.
  6. Abysmal replay value coupled with the game's lack of unlockables.
  7. Generic music.
  8. Game looks more like a budget-priced game than a full-priced AAA game.


As with some of Psygnosis' other poorly received titles such as Rascal, Psybadek, and Attack of the Saucerman!, Retro Force also did not have a very positive reception. It has received generally mixed to negative reviews, ranging from the UK OPM giving it a 5/10, the German OPM giving it a 3.5 out of 5 (1 is best), to a very abysmal review by the German MAN!AC magazine, which became noteworthy for regarding the main characters, the four brave pilots as "clowns".