This is just the beginning of the madness that is this "thing".

Revenge of the Sunfish is a "game" (if it can even be called that) released in 2007 for Windows. The game was created by Jacob Buczynski.

It is the Genre of games that generally have insane visuals/audio and are supposed to be confusing, strange, and to a extent, scary.

Plot and Gameplay

ROTS does have a plot, which doesn't make an ounce of sense and never comes out during gameplay except during the intro and the final "stage". It basically boils down to evil alien sunfish which invades Earth and some random guy with a knife decides to fight them.

The "game" is entirely made of random minigames, often with different gameplay.

Some have considered it a horror game, as many of the visuals are "Nightmare Fuel" and there are several jumpscares (both intentional and unintentional) in the game

Why it Sucks

  • Horrible graphics, which can only be described as a mishmash of crude MS Paint drawings, random photos and ugly gradients done on Photoshop, which is one of the main reasons for the games popularity.
  • Horrible music and sound effects, made of ear-bleeding MIDI tunes, strange (presumably stock) sound effects, and loud jumpscare sounds.
  • Nonsensical gameplay with almost-zero difficulty, with the exception of a maze-esq minigame, where it's easy to get lost.
  • Most minigames are simply matters of going from left to right or pressing a key repeatedly.
  • It is virtually impossible to lose, as even though you have lives, if you die many times the game simply toss you to a latter level.
  • Many levels are downright offensive (like the infamous keyboard level, where a keyboard has you "stroke it's space bar", while it makes unsettling noises).
  • The game is purposely bad and offensive just for the sake of being bad and offensive, which is ironically why some people seem to like the game

Cult Following

The game has a cult following, as a result from its insane visuals, sounds, and gameplay. It is popular with youtubers making videos of their own reactions.

Videos (Note: Pewdiepie's video doesn't have the entire game.)

WEIRDEST GAME EVER - Revenge of the Sunfish (and most disturbing O

WEIRDEST GAME EVER - Revenge of the Sunfish (and most disturbing O.O)