Santa Claus Saves the Earth

Santa Claus saves the Earth is an 2002 Christmas themed platform video game developed by Ivolgamus Games and published by Telegames for the PlayStation and Nintendo Game Boy Advance.


On the 24th of December, one day before Christmas, an evil fairy name Nilam uses her magic copper to send Santa Claus into an Enchanted Land. with only a few hours until Christmas, Santa Claus must traverse though the lands and stop Nilam in order to save Christmas.

Why it Sucks

  1. Misleading title, Santa (as the plot of story implys) is saving Christmas, not the Earth.
  2. You only have 2 options.
  3. Very poor sprites and graphics, even Donkey King Country (a game that was made for the SNES) looks better then this.
  4. Poorly integrated cut-scenes.
  5. Poor controls, Santa moves and controls way too slowly.
  6. No real jumping, when you jump you flout upwards, and then you quickly drop down to the ground like a brick.
  7. The levels themselves are large, space-es and very maze like, making it easy to get lost in.
  8. Very poor navigation, in order to beat each stage, you have to get three yellow triangle shape keys to unlock the next level, but due to the after mention level design, it can be easy to get lost in, not to mention you wouldn't know any of this unless you looked it up.
  9. Useless powers, The snow balls and tomatoes are alright, but the green sack has horrible range and you have to hold the attack button and time each swing and hope that it hits the enemy, it also doesn't help the fact that you automatically moon walk when using that ability, making it more harder to hit the enemy, and the super jump ability only last for a few seconds.
    1. On that topic, the snowballs and tomatoes have ammo, and you wouldn't know that unless you pause it.
  10. Painful and repetitive music that constantly loops. Either MIDI-based or sample/TS-404-based.
  11. Dreadful models, most notable Nilam (the main villain of the game), You wold think that the main villain would be a male, but its actually a female villain.
  12. The screen won't scow until Santa is three quarters away way across the whole stage, and when it moves, it stays in that spot until you make the effort to drag it.
  13. Unfair A.I., the enemy's will attack you when you are near them, when they exit it, they stop, the cave men enemy's aren't that bad, but the weird cheetah guinea pig-like enemy's are very fast and they can run pass you, leading them into getting some cheap hits.
  14. The "themes" for each levels are confusion, an example it the first level of the game, it is a forest area with the weird bird-like enemys, an iceberg-like underground area under the forest area with cavemen and cheetah guinea pig-like enemys, and if you go to the top of the area you can see rocky bits that look like perymads in a dessert, suggesting that the forest level is an oyastis.
  15. Also due to the after mention screen issue, enemies often appear out of nowhere and attack you.
  16. If you get killed. you must reset the WHOLE ENTIRE level all over again.

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