Shadow Man: 2econd Coming is a third-person action adventure game that is the sequel to Shadow Man, and was published by Acclaim Entertainment, developed by Acclaim Studios Teesside and released on March 2nd 2002 exclusively only on the PlayStation 2, unlike the previous game, which was released on multiple systems. It came out at the height of Acclaim's great financial downfall, also thanks to its absurd marketing campaign and the overwhelmingly negative reception from fans of the first game due to many problems with it (see below), although critical reaction from the press was still mixed. This was also Acclaim Teesside's last game before their closure shortly after its release, with many of its staff having been relocated to Acclaim Cheltenham before the eventualy closure of that studio following Acclaim's bankruptcy in 2004.

Why it Sucks


Advertising your game on gravestones will make people buy your game? No.

  1. Game has taken a more lighter and cartoony approach than its predecessor, which was renowned for its horror themes and incredibly dark and disturbing tones, which was also the reason why the first Shadow Man was given a 15 rating by the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) in the UK. This game was given a 15 by the ELSPA (The British gaming rating system used at the time).
  2. A very paper-thin and disjointed story, which is worse than the previous game.
  3. Voice acting is significantly duller than the first game, especially on Mike's part. Nettie's voice also has changed drastically.
  4. Lame and lackluster boss battles: Always before you face a boss, your new Teddy Bear spawn point becomes unlocked, that even when you die, you can respawn right in front of the boss and continue fighting him until you defeat him. This also includes the final boss, where unlike in the previous game, instead of getting a game over and a bad ending once you are defeated by him, you simply spawn back right in front of him and continue fighting him until you defeat him and beat the game. However, a sound clip of the unused Bad Ending has recently surfaced on YouTube [1]. This not only takes away all the challenge from the game, but also makes collecting the Cadeaux for increasing Health and Voodoo pointless.
  5. Unsatisfying ending.
  6. Absurd Marketing Campaign: Acclaim wanted to advertise the game onto tombstones and graves. Considering the game's (supposed) dark tones and gory violence, it was disrespectful to dead people.

Redeeming quality

  1. The music is pretty decent for the most part. The Music track that plays during the end credits is very touching.

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