Shrek is a video game developed by DICE and published by TDK Mediactive in the year 2001. The game is based on the movie of the same name and was a launch title for the Xbox. A year later (which coincidentally, was also the year DICE found success with Battlefield 1942), it was ported to the GameCube under the name Shrek Extra Large.


Merlin has captured Princess Fiona, so Shrek must rescue her by going on a quest.

Why It Sucks

  1. Poor level design.
  2. Simplistic puzzles.
  3. Bad controls.
  4. Awful animation.
  5. Troublesome camera.
  6. Boring and repetitive objectives.
  7. Donkey is not present in the game.
  8. Terrible collision detection.
  10. Inability to kill enemies. All you could do is knock them out (applies more to regular enemies and not ones important to the plot)
  11. GameCube version suffers from a choppy frame-rate and downgraded visuals.
  12. The GameCube version seems to be the most glitchy. If you have cheats enabled, you could break the game by going outside the boundaries. In at least two levels, if you go beyond the game's invisible wall and go a certain way you could fall down and land in a dungeon that resembles the inside of a GameCube (and you can't escape unless you reset the game).
  13. This is rated T, despite it being a PG movie.

Redeeming Qualities:

  1. The Xbox version is one of the first games to have deferred shading, which would later go on to be used in Grand Theft Auto 4 and Battlefield 3, among other notable titles.


Shrek received negative reviews, with the Xbox version receiving a Metacritic score of 49 and the GameCube version having an even lower Metascore of 33.IGN rated Xbox version 5.6/10 and Gamecube 3.0/10.It was #4 on Watchmojo's Top 10 Bad Games By Good Developers.


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