Snow White and the 7 Clever Boys is a "video game" published by Phoenix Games and developed by Aqua Pacific and was released on December 16, 2006, for the PlayStation 2. It was never released outside of Europe.

Why it Sucks

  1. It's not really a video game, just a compilation of mini-games and a movie.
  2. The mini-games themselves are boring.
  3. Weird dialogue. (The narrator says that Cubby "is like a small bear", Big Basil "was huge - well, for a boy he was huge", and Snow White sings a song that begins with "This is my song, I'll sing it now")
  4. The song is badly written, as Snow White says "jealous" too many times and poorly tells her story.
  5. Very poor singing
  6. Incomplete story.
  7. Poorly done animation (especially in the musical part, it's so bad that you can notice some parts that were just looped with slight modifications).
  8. False advertising for 3 reasons:
    1. None of the characters look like the Disney bootlegs on the cover, with the biggest example being the 7 Clever Boys (they look like old dwarves in the cover, yet in-game they are ordinary boys).
    2. The Evil Queen in her hag form is never seen on screen (just her shadow), despite being in the front of the box art.
    3. The animation and art style are lies as well. In the box art, the characters are in 3D, but in the game, they are animated in 2D.
  9. The apple is shown bleeding (the "blood" is supposed to be poison), which is rather graphic considering this is a kids game, not to mention that fruit doesn't bleed like animals do.
  10. The black clever boy, Sonny, is depicted in blackface and has rather creepy thick red lips.
  11. The game's movie is very short, lasting about 6 minutes.
  12. The front cover art of this game is unbelievably horrifying. It looks like a DVD cover for a horror movie distributed by Full Moon Features. The characters resemble poorly-made 3D models.
  13. It can actually damage your PS2 if you play it for more than an hour. How this happens is that the CD-ROM melts over time.
  14. Nightmarish character designs. For example, The Evil Queen has an absolutely terrifying face on the box art, as it is guaranteed to make kids crap their pants. Snow White’s face is awfully ugly.

The lame song

(A big thank you goes to Lemon Melon for the lyrics transcription.)

"This is my song, I'll sing it now.

The one of the mirror and the evil queen.

Sparkling mirror, the truth it can see.

Oh say it please, who is more beautiful.

She is so jealous, jealous of me. So very jealous, jealous of me.

Show the miracle of beauty in the lake of your glass.

Her heart's so hard, it won't let me pass.

She has chased me, hunted me. Alone and crying, in forests so dark.

I know that you really care. Let me stay, our lives we can share.

She is so jealous of me, so very jealous of me.

It lives in her evil heart, unlike mine.

She has chased me, hunted me. Alone and crying, in forests so dark.

I know that you really care. Let me stay, our lives we can share."