Sonic's Schoolhouse is an edutainment game for the PC released in 1996 developed by BAP Interactive (Bruce Austin Productions) and published by Sega Entertainment and Orion Interactive.

Why it Sucks

  1. The level design looks like it was ripped from Wolfenstein 3D.
  2. Awful Voice Acting (Especially Sonic)
  3. You don't actually play as Sonic in this game, he only appears as a guide. You instead play as weird looking animals.
  4. Crappy FMV's of Animals.
  5. Boring Games.
  6. Simply a cheap cash in onto the Sonic franchise.
  7. It’s impossible to start the game without a CD copy of the game, even with Windows 9x computers.
  8. Poor graphics

Redeming Qualities

  1. Sonic's Sprites were reused from the cancelled game Sonic X-Treme.
  2. Number 7 explains how this game’s anti piracy works.

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