Sonic Free Riders Box Artwork

Sonic's Bugged Riding Mechanics

Sonic Free Riders was a launch title for the Xbox 360's Kinect Add on and the seventh racing game in the Sonic the Hedgehog series of games.


Eggman, disguised as a king, announces the World Grand Prix. Though he offers prizes to the winners, his real plan was to collect the data from the racers to program into robots. After defeating Eggman, the real enemy is revealed to be Metal Sonic and challenges Sonic to one final race. Sonic wins and though there is no prizes, everyone is happy because they had fun.


Being a Kinect game, players used their own body movements to control the racers in the game.

Why it Sucks

  1. You are forced to use the Kinect. You can't use a regular controller.
  2. Near unresponsive motion controls make the game borderline unplayable at times.
  3. Besides the unresponsive control, the movements the player has to do are tiring and even painful. In particular, having to lean back and forward can hurt your back.
  4. Menu navigation is frustrating.
  5. Voice commands barely work and require to say the exact name of the option you want. How are you supposed to know beforehand what that option's name is?
  6. Obnoxious soundtrack.
  7. Multiplayer can be very awkward for certain players.


The game has received mixed review. Though content of the game has been praised, the game received negative reviews for very poor controls. Joystiq gave the game 1/5 stars, calling it "the equivalent of patting your head while rubbing your stomach while riding a unicycle." The game has a 51.24% rank on Gamerankings and a 47/100 rating on Metacritic.

IGN and Official Xbox Magazine however gave more favorable reviews and both gave the game 7.5/10 praising the wealth of content and multiplayer options though the controls were still criticized.

It was the first game that Angry Joe gave a 1 out of 10 and constantly said it's broken. When Projared played it in his Kinect review video, the poor motion controls hurt his back and he claimed the game made him feel anger.

SomecallmeJohnny said the game simply doesn't work and should be used to punish your friends. Johnny also showed footage of himself trying to get the game to work and failing at it.

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