Sonic R for the Sega Saturn is a racing game developed by Traveller's Tales and Sonic Team in 1997. The game is a spin-off of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise.

In addition to the Sega Saturn game, there was also a version made for PC and this version of the game was later ported to the Nintendo GameCube and PlayStation 2 in the game Sonic Gems Collection. While those versions of the game received generally positive reviews (due some of the problems being fixed) the initial Sega Saturn game received mixed to negative reviews from critics.


The game is a standard racing game with five courses and nine classic Sonic characters. Unlike most racing games, instead of just completing the course in the shortest time, you actually have to traverse the course and collect hidden items.

Why it Sucks

  1. With only five courses, the game is very short and can be beaten in under an hour.
  2. Very unappealing graphics. Though being for the Saturn, they were okay at the time. The ports on the other versions however don't improve them. Seriously, everything looks like glass!
  3. The game is riddled with glitches, like characters sticking to the walls and passing through the ground.
  4. The game looks unfinished with textures, poor rendering distance, and even backgrounds just missing.
  5. Confusing level design that makes the race tracks feel more like mazes rather than actual race courses.
  6. Finding collectibles often requires taking detours, slower routes, and outright stopping for a few seconds (in a racing game, by the way!) and you still have to win the race to keep them.
  7. Very hard to control the characters, which feel like you're controlling on slippery very thick ice. Controlling Miles is the worst as he slips and slides all over the place!
  8. Speaking of controls, the same button also controls the camera, which is SOOOOOOOOO slow and can make you lose a race very quickly.
  9. The unlockables are all robot clones of the main characters (except Super Sonic).
  10. Terribly unbalanced gameplay. Most characters are too overpowered or completely useless. Super Sonic is nearly an automatic-win and Amy, Eggman, Tails Doll, and Egg Robo are all really slow, the latter isn't even able to float over water despite using a jetpack.
  11. You have to be in first place if you want to get a chaos emerald, and if you didn't? The game INSULTS YOU by saying you didn't get the emerald. So yeah. It trolls you if you didn't finish first with the chaos emerald apparently.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Tails Doll has been a popular character in the Sonic community, and has sparked various creepypastas such as the "Tails Doll Curse" due to his poor reception.
  2. Despite being cheesy, the music is pretty good.


The game's visuals were considered its strongest feature. But that wasn't saying much. Critics judged every other aspect, from its quality to its length to its music.

In his first Wish List video, The AVGN had a one-sentence review for it: "It's basically a racing game, sort of a shitty version of Mario Kart."

JonTron said everything about it was wrong. Going so far as to question why the game exists and had to be made, criticizing every aspect of the game, insulting Sonic Team and portraying them as drug addicts and even implying this game signaled that Sonic was already dead, telling Sonic Team to stop making games.

At the time of its release, gamers had very little interest in it, but today it has become a retro-cult-classic for its awfulness, similar to Barbie for the NES.


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