South Park is a first-person-shooter game developed by Iguana Entertainment (the same company who developed the Turok games) for the N64 and PC and developed by Appaloosa Interactive (Responsible for Ecco the Dolphin) on the PlayStation. All versions of the game were published by Acclaim Entertainment.

The game runs on the same engine as Turok 2 does and shares the same controls as Turok 2. There was going to be a version on the Game Boy Color, but it was cancelled and was reworked into 2 other games, which are Mary Kate and Ashley: Get a Clue and Maya the Bee and her Friends.

Why it Sucks

  1. The PS1 and PC versions have very poor graphics. The N64's graphics are actually decent.
  2. Terrible AI. There are enemies everywhere you go trying to kill you.
  3. Terrible music (with the exception of the theme song). Even the composer admitted that the game's music was a rush job that he hurriedly put together after finishing work on Turok 2: Seeds of Evil.
  4. The weapons are unprofessional. Some examples of weapons are a toilet plunger gun and a dart gun, although this can be somewhat excused by the fact that you play as elementary school children.
  5. Even though the voice acting is done by the actors on the show, it's pretty poor and the characters repeat the same phrases all the time. The PS1 game fixes this problem a little.
  6. When you want to choose a character before playing the game, you have to wait until they have finished what they are saying. Similar to picking a command in Plumbers Don't Wear Ties.
  7. If you fail to kill a tank enemy, you are forced to kill them in a sudden death round. If you fail to kill it in time, it's an instant game over.
  8. The sound effects are very annoying, like the turkeys.
  9. The cutscenes in the N64 version are all done in-game but for whatever reason the PS1 and PC versions used recorded footage of the N64 version instead just like the 2007 PC/PS2 port of Resident Evil 4.
  10. Lack of playing abilities in Multiplayer mode, not to mention the stages aren't even named in the PS1 version.
  11. All you do is shoot, shoot and shoot... and nothing else. There is no strategy whatsoever.

Redeeming quality

  1. Besides all the flaws listed above, the game is playable enough to make a minority of people have fun with it.


Like the other South Park Acclaim games, this one was met with very bad reviews, although the PC and PS1 versions of this game in particular are considered to be two of the worst games of all time. By contrast, the Nintendo 64 version received better reception, including praise for its storyline and 3D graphics.