Spanish for Everyone Coverart

"Hey guys! Let's make a racist pro-white supremacist game and have our good friends at Activision distribute it!"

Spanish for Everyone is a Nintendo DS "video game" published by Activision. It was created and developed by an independent company, Humagade in late 2007.

Why it sucks

  1. The whole "game" is nothing but text and more text.
  2. The cutscenes contain subliminal, stereotypical and racist messages, particularly against latin and hispanic people.
  3. Because the game is nothing but text, there is no challenge, objectives, goal, nothing!
  4. Contains many offensive material such as pedophilia, prostitution, drug smuggle, theft, animal abuse, etc.
  5. The game is fiddled with tons of grammatical errors in both English and Spanish languages.
  6. 4 pointless mini games that pretty much require you to know Spanish in order to play them.
  7. Ear-bleeding music.
  8. The plot basically involves an Hispanic kid that accidentally steals your DS and you must head south of the border (to Tijuana) with the aid of the protagonist's aunt to get the DS back.


Decrying the game's plot that encourages unsafe or illegal practices and criticizing its gameplay with poor English grammar and questionable teaching ability, IGN rated the game 2.0/10, saying "we can't recommend this piece of garbage to anyone".

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