Sploder. Where dumb bans become true!

Sploder! ( is a free flash game creating website that launched on January, 2nd 2007. The website was created by Geoffrey P. Gaudrealt (or Geoff, his username on the site).

Why It Sucks Now

  1. The creator of the site (Geoff) is extremely inactive, and the site is dying because of this (however, he still cares about it somewhat, but that isn't saying much).
  2. Most of the members are immature kids who hate on good games just because they're too hard, and they like to praise the awful games.
  3. Speaking of awful games, the site is full of horrible games that are extremely overrated. For example, there is a user named 5mister who got famous for making easy games that can be beaten in a few minutes.
  4. The website is full of hackers and trolls who make inappropriate games with pornography (which is basically just a Physics Puzzle game involving a vulgar drawing of a naked member). Also, there are inappropriate graphics that are still on the site to this day.
  5. The boost auction winners usually consist of inappropriate games or bad games that don't deserve any attention at all.
  6. Broken boost point system.
  7. The Sploderheads multiplayer game is pretty much a drama zone, since most of the drama happens there. Also, it is full of kids who constantly spam ''Join the game''.

Redeeming Qualities

The site has enough redeeming qualities to receive an article on Awesome Games Wiki. Click here for the article.