Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor (重鉄騎 Jūtekki) is a mech simulation game by From Software, developers of the Armored Core and Demon‘s/Dark Souls series, and Capcom that was released in 2012.

Despite being a sequel to the 2002 Xbox game Steel Battalion, famed for being bundled with an enormous three-part controller with over 40 buttons and a set of foot pedals (when bundled with its controller, the game has a price of $200 at the time of its release), the game takes place in its own universe.


In 2020, a silicon-eating microbe destroys all of the world‘s microprocessors, permanently ridding the world of advanced technology. The event has since been called the "Datacide". In the ensuing chaos, a resurgent China begins a global conquest, effectively becoming the new United Nations.

In 2083, the UN forces launch an invasion of the United States. The player, as US Army Sgt. Winfield Powers, commands a Vertical Tank crew as the US military makes their last stand to fight off the invaders.

Why It Sucks

  1. Extremely questionable Kinect control design. The Kinect's tagline is you are the controller... so why does this game also requires the Xbox controller too? Aren't you the controller?
  2. The detection of the player's movement is broken, causing your arms to be constantly misjudged as pressing buttons or pulling levers on the controls of the mech which you're not actually pressing or pulling. This makes the game virtually unplayable.
  3. Has nothing to do with the first game other than that the mecha are still referred to as "Vertical Tanks".
  4. The game‘s backstory is full of inappropriate WWII references; the enemies in the single-player mode are supposed to be Chinese soldiers, yet their VTs and actions are reminiscent of Nazi Germany.
  5. The game's interesting setup of a world without advanced technology is utterly wasted on an uninspired storyline riddled with war movie clichés and a stereotypical cast of characters.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The game has amazing interaction with your members inside your tank.
  2. If one of your teammates dies during a mission, they are gone for good and are replaced by a new teammate with their own personality and traits.
  3. The game might have been great, had the notoriously slippery Kinect not been required to play it.


The game was met with extremely negative reviews, getting a 40.95% from GameRankings, a 1/5 from Giant Bomb, and a 0.5/5 from X-Play. It also earned the eighth spot on's "Top 10 Worst Video Games of All Time" list.

Angry Joe gave the game a 2 out of 10, mainly due to poor gameplay. However, he found the game‘s characters and storyline interesting, and said that had the game been easier to play, he‘d have given the game a 7 or 8 out of 10.


Steel Battalion- Heavy Armor Angry Review

Steel Battalion- Heavy Armor Angry Review