The Street Fighter 5 Censorship Controversy occurred when Yoshinori Ono, a producer for Capcom recently confirmed that the upcoming Street Fighter 5 was going under self-censorship to lower the sex appeal to the women such as Rika slapping her butt. While Capcom claims that no one outside their company influenced their decision, it was obvious among gamers that the censorship was done in order to avoid offending anyone due to the activities of SJWs and feminazis.

This was met with heavy criticism from gamers who on Steam and other forums pointed out that SJWs and feminazis are a very small but loud group that don't even like video games and don't represent the West, though some also pointed out that SJWs are in control of the mainstream media and that Capcom is more afraid about that. Many have even pointed out a double standard by mentioning an alternate costume where Ryu is shirtless which has been called "Sexy Ryu."

This has become another instance where a game company has begun censoring content out of fear of SJWs and shows that Japan, which at first had no concerns for SJWs, are slowing caving in.

For more information, read this article.

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