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Sukeban Shachou Rena Wii (女番社長レナWii) is a puzzle/action game developed by Jorudan in 2009 for the Wii. This game was published only in Japan, and it is recognized as one of the worst-selling Wii games ever.


A cat named Rena, who is the manager of the multinational company "Cat Queen", (?) and the mascot of the international blog "Nekopunch", decides to submit the player to a particular "exam" to verify his work capacity, and, if the exam is a success, Rena will take on the player to work for Cat Queen.

Along with Rena, other two boys (Rena's cat friends) will help the player with the exam.

Why it sucks

  1. The "exam" show the gameplay of this game, about... minigames. The minigames are crappy and boring, and hard to understand for players who don't know Japanese. (The game is only in this language). In all, there are 10 minigames:
    1. The Quiz (a simple quiz with questions about cats... yes)
    2. Playing the piano with Rena (the music is out of time with the rhythm of the protagonist and Rena, and how can a cat play a musical instrument?)
    3. Avoid or Hug Rena (This minigame shows how the creators of this game were without originality)
    4. Steal the money from Rena and his cat friend (the protagonist have to steal a lot of dollars with a cat logo)
    5. Capture: when the protagonist drives in an empty Japanese city, strange bubbles from the air using Rena, with an equipped Hoover. This is like a bootleg Ghostbusters copy, in a shooting gallery style.
    6. A dancing minigame. Kinda like Just Dance, but worse (also, the protagonist dances like a cat...)
    7. Find the true cat in a room with a lot of cat's cardboard cutout. 
    8. Carry all the cats out a labyrinth made with boxes.
    9. Hide and Seek (the protagonist have to find Rena in a office, removing the boxes for find the cat's hiding place).
    10. The tightrope walker game (the most difficult game, because the game, most of the time, doesn't count the movements of the Wiimote).
  2. The story and the situations are nonsense: '''why cats controls a multinational? They speak? WHY FOR BE HIRED WE HAVE TO DO MINIGAMES?''' 
  3. Probably, the men who've created this game, '''love the people's submission to the cats''': in the game, Rena and his friends beat up the boys who work in that multinational (2 boys in a multinational... and at the end of the social pyramid there are the cats) and the protagonist have to do stupid missions for Rena... and the boys don't protest! What a joke is this?
  4. Boring dialogues, ONLY about Rena's work and CATS.
  5. Repetitive Gameplay (In all the game there are only the minigames's reception).
  6. The videos in the game are not funny at all.
  7. When in a minigame we have to use the nunchuck, for a lot of time it will stop working.
  8. The game's cover image seems like a simple Photoshop image.
  9. One of the human characters is almost a dead ringer for Ryo Hazuki from Shenmue.
  10. "It's the kind of typical Japanese strangeness that you'd expect to do well in Japan, but apparently not even our friends in the East could stomach this one." - Jim Sterling

Redeeming Quality

  1. The graphics are pretty decent, especially for a Wii game.


Only in Japan, the game sold only 1-2 hundred copies, and at launch, only 100 copies. In other words, the game's sales were a failure. 

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