Superman NES

Superman was a game released by Kemco in 1988 for the NES.


Superman must save Metropolis from Lex Luthor and a gang of criminals that were exiled from Krypton.

Why it Sucks

  1. Poor graphics that make Superman and some other people look like little kids and telephones as big as desks.
  2. Superman's powers are limited. You have to collect icons in order to use his abilities.
  3. Superman's X-Ray vision makes things visible in this game. The only excuse for this was that Lex Luthor lined every building in Metropolis with lead.
  4. Superman is pathetic in this game. In the comics, movies and shows, Superman displays great feats of strength and invulnerability, such as immunity to guns and other attacks. In the game, bullets harm Superman, it takes two shots from Superman's heat beams to defeat a regular human, and his punches are weak, taking several to beat up one regular enemy.
  5. In some parts of the game, Superman must use a subway but needs a subway pass, unless you use a Game Genie to get pass the man who tells you that you need a pass.
  6. Daily Planet was misspelled as "Daily Planets".
  7. Talking to people is mostly worthless. The only person worth talking to is some guy who gives a password to continue the game.
  8. A lackluster control setup. For example, up is jump and down goes through doors.
  9. The passwords to help continue the game are way too long.
  10. Poor music, with the North American release of the game not even using the Superman theme, instead borrowing the main theme of an RPG made by the same developer.
  11. The game begins with the Statue of Liberty talking to Superman. Not only is this weird, but this is never brought up again. and has nothing to do with the game.
  12. One of the boss characters is referred to as Zod Gang, but she is never actually named in-game.
  13. The world map can be quite confusing to navigate through.
  14. Flying doesn't exactly work as advertised. Sometimes he just flies up, then flies back down at the screen he was on. Given this is Superman we're talking about, it doesn't make any sense.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. It's better than the other Superman game
  2. The Japanese version has a decent rendition of the Superman theme.
  3. It was never released in Europe.