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Damn! They managed to make playing as a dragon BORING!

Tagin' Dragon (or Colorful Dragon) is an unlicensed game for the Nintendo Entertainment System released on 1989 by Sachen in Asia, and 1990 by Bunch Games in the US.


You play as a dragon, and the objective of the game is to bite the tails of other dragons.

Why it Sucks

  1. Poor controls.
  2. It's pure luck if you manage to bite the other dragons because they are constantly turning and moving. When you get to the other dragon, you mash buttons and hope you win. This means that even if you complete the stage, you won't feel accomplishment because you didn't win because of skill.
  3. Poor Graphics.
  4. Unimpressive gameplay.
  5. Even though you play as a dragon, there's no firebreathing or flying. It makes playing a dragon boring.
  6. Annoying sound effects.
  7. Awful music.


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