A crappy version of the CD-i!

The Tandy Video Information System, or VIS was an interactive, multimedia CD-based console released in 1992 by Tandy and was influenced by the Philips CD-i.

Why it Flopped

  1. Virtually no games, just Links: the Challenge of Golf and Search for the Sea.
  2. Underpowered. Even though it ran on CDs, it had a 286 CPU, and it ran on Windows 3.1.
  3. Only sold at RadioShack.
  4. It was insanely expensive at $699 (nearly tying the 3DO and the CD-i in terms of price). Though when sold under the Memorex brand, the price was lowered to $399 (sold catalog only). Even with that, it still didn't sell well.
  5. It ripped off the CD-i. THE CD-I.

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