Tattoo Assassins is an unfinished 1994 arcade fighting game and Mortal Kombat clone by the pinball division of Data East. Its development team was led by Joe Kaminkow, and Back to the Future screenwriter Bob Gale.

The game was never released officialy, but two test prototypes have been leaked.


The Order of Colors has discovered the Ink of Ghize, a multi-colored ink that can come to life if it’s applied as a tattoo. The ink however, can only work on certain people, otherwise its users will be mutated. The villain, Koldan, decides to steals the ink and use it to take over the world. He mind controls the Order’s assassins save for one, who is controlled by the player.

Why It Sucks

  1. It is possible to beat the game by spamming simple moves due to the game's poor AI.
  2. The bosses in the game have sped-up animations to make them harder to beat.
  3. Absurd, silly, and downright laughable fatalities, of which the game claims there are 2196 of them, though this is false.
  4. Tasteless toilet humor.
  5. Poor collision detection.
  6. For a game with digitized sprites, there are lots of badly done hand-drawn sprites.
  7. Annoying sound effects. Notably, there's an extremely loud monkey/parrot screech playing throughout the jungle stage.
  8. All of the game's characters are nonsensical, laughable, and stereotypical.
  9. Very buggy with numerous glitches and missing features.
  10. Repetitive soundtrack. There is only one song that plays throughout the whole game.

Redeeming aspect

  1. This game never was finished nor sold. All the flaws enlisted above are for the proto version, and Data East wisely cancelled the game when they knew they couldn't fix it all.