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Seriously damn you, Team6. You are responsible for the major damage you have done to the FlatOut franchise.

Team6 Game Studios is a privately owned game studio located in Assen, The Netherlands. The actual game studio was founded in 2001 and developed a dozen of games under a different name, but the name was changed to "Team6 game studios" in 2003 and has developed many games since. Their main focus in game development lies in racing games, but other genres like action-shooters, jump & run games and others genres are also present in its lineup.

Team6 Game Studios expanded their lineup recently with the development of games for Nintendo Wii.

The first known game titles for Nintendo Wii from Team6 game studios are Glacier2 and Pacific Liberator. More recently they developed Glacier3 and Calvin Tucker's Farm Animal Racing for Wii, Battle Metal as well as The Heavy and a FlatOut follow-up for the Nintendo Wii. Much like Phoenix Games and Blast! Entertainment Ltd, all their games were notorious and received very negative reviews.

Why Their Games Sucked

  1. Awful controls.
  2. All of the racing games they made have the exact same menu and gameplay, this is because they recycled the game engine they made. Does remind you of Data Design Interactive recycling the game engine of Ninjabread Man for Myth Makers: Trixie in Toyland, Anubis II and Rock & Roll Adventures?
  3. Poor graphics.
  4. Terrible camera angles.
  5. Poorly made models.
  6. Dreadful sound effects.
  7. Terrible music.
  8. Almost killed the FlatOut franchise with a butt-ugly third entry, Chaos & Destruction.

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