Test Drive 4

This may have been the best racing game of 1997, but now in 2018 you won't have a good time playing this game.

Test Drive 4 is a racing game developed by Pitbull Syndicate and published by Accolade in North America and Europe (with Electronic Arts distributing the title in Europe for Accolade) and Electronic Arts Victor in Japan. The game was released for PC and PlayStation. It is the fourth installment in the Test Drive series, and was released in 1997. The game competed against Need for Speed II, which was also released in 1997. Despite this game being well-received upon release, it hasn't aged very well in today's standards.

Why It Sucks

  1. Terrible car handling.
  2. Small selection of tracks, there are only 6 locations in the game.
  3. Awful crash physics. It takes too long to get back into the race and when you do, you are very far behind.
  4. Bad collision detection.
  5. Badly designed and confusing menus.
  6. Ugly and chunky looking car models.
  7. Cheating AI: They never seem to crash and they race faster than you.
  8. Many useless camera angles (Even in the PC version, the camera is always positioned at the top of your car at the start of every race unless you hit F4).
  9. Unbalanced drag racing mode.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. A good selection of licensed cars, including the Dodge Viper GTS.
  2. A good and well enjoyable soundtrack.


Test Drive 4 was well-received upon release, and won the E3 award for "Best Racing Game" from GameSpot. It also outshined Need for Speed II both critically and financially. However, the game has been found to have aged poorly in recent years.