Test Drive Off-Road

Test Drive Off-Road is an Off-Road racing game developed by Elite Systems and published by Accolade, alongside Eidos Interactive in Europe. It was released in February 1997 in North America, and July 1997 in Europe. It sold well to get 3 sequels: Test Drive Off-Road 2, Test Drive Off-Road 3 and Test Drive Off-Road Wide Open.

Why it Sucks

  1. Lengthy FMV opening.
  2. Annoying announcer.
  3. Cheap looking Graphics and car design.
  4. Poor Car Handling.
  5. Only 8 Cars in the whole game.
  6. No useful unlockables.
  7. Dumb AI.
  8. Lots of outdated Pop-Up textures.


Dispute positive reviews back when the game was released, it has aged really badly, much like with the other Test Drive games from this time period.

Luigitehplumber himself gave this game a 2/5 on GameFAQ's and called it a "a really bad racing game and a good example of poorly aging PS1 racing games". Check out his review here.