Test Drive Off-Road 2

Test Drive Off-Road 2 (Known in Europe as Test Drive 4X4) is a racing game developed by Pitbull Syndicate, published by Accolade and distributed in Europe by Electronic Arts for PC and PlayStation. It is the second installment in the Test Drive Off-Road series, and was released in 1998. It uses the same engine as Test Drive 4 and the same developer. It's also the sequel to Test Drive Off-Road.

Why It Sucks

  1. Worse car handling than Test Drive 4.
  2. Small selection of tracks. It even claims to have 13 tracks, which it doesn't. It included the mirror tracks as well.
  3. Awful crash physics.
  4. Annoying vibration.
  5. Bad collision detection.
  6. Ugly and chunky looking car models.
  7. Cheating AI: they never seem to crash and they race faster than yourself.
  8. Many useless camera angles.
  9. Lack of music.
  10. The announcer gets repetitive.