You'll put this game in the graveyard after 15 minutes.

The Graveyard is a computer art game developed by Belgian developer Tale of Tales (the same creators of Sunset) in which the player assumes the role of an elderly woman walking through a graveyard to a bench. A song begins to play, after which the elderly woman walks out of the graveyard and the game ends.

Why it sucks

  1. It is extremely short, being finished in just a few minutes with no challenge or captivation whatsoever.
  2. You have to pay the outrageous price of 5 dollars for it, and the "game" itself is far less than a shareware demo.
  3. Very simplistic gameplay.
  4. The artwork looks and feels unfinished and unpolished.
  5. The old lady model looks bad.

The Only Redeeming Quality

The Graveyard was one of the inspirations for the Tibetan village scene in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.