No, this is not some kind of telephone.

The Intellivision has been well received but its controller has been panned.

Why it Sucks

  1. Instead of a joystick or d-pad it has a flat circular dial which is also a button.
  2. It has at least 17 buttons, 12 of which are patterned like a numerical keypad, akin to calculators and telephones.
  3. The controller’s shape feels so awkward that it is downright uncomfortable to use.
  4. The controller cannot be unplugged from the console without extensive modification, unlike most video game consoles, even during the second generation when the Intellivision was released, where there were alternate controllers you could use.
  5. Mix all 4 of the points above, and you have controls that are simply bad for the console’s games. This is worsened by the fact that each of them have different controls. Thankfully, many of the games come with overlays to explain which button does which.

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