The Mystery of the Druids Coverart

Surprise madafaka!

The Mystery of the Druids is a single-player adventure video game developed by House of Tales Entertainment and published by cdv Software Entertainment. The game was released on September 14, 2001 for Microsoft Windows.


The story takes place in Britain, where Detective Brent Halligan, an inspector at Scotland Yard, investigates a brutal series of murders committed in England. The investigation leads Detective Halligan into a mystery surrounding the demise of the British Order of Druids and eventually takes him on a trip through time itself.

Why it Sucks

  1. Ugly graphics.
  2. Broken gameplay filled with lots of Game Glitches.
  3. Uninteresting and boring story.
  4. Unimaginative settings and painful dialogue.
  5. You are forced to solve some of the most ridiculously complex puzzle sequences just to achieve even the simplest of tasks.
  6. The game is very short.
  7. Ridiculous cover, which became a meme (note the "SURPRISE MADAFAKA!")