The Sniper 2, known in Japan as The Sniper 2 ~Bullet of Nightmare~ (THE スナイパー2 ~悪夢の銃弾~ The Sunaipā 2 ~Akumu no Jūdan~) is a video game released for the PlayStation 2 in 2004, developed by Best Media and published by Midas Interactive Entertainment. The game is a sequel to the Japan-only PlayStation game, Simple 1500 Series Vol.056: The Sniper.

Why it Sucks

  1. Awful graphics for a PS2 game, with everything consisting of blocky models and low quality textures.
  2. Lackluster story.
  3. Dull and monotone gameplay.
  4. Awful cutscenes with little-to-no animation, wooden voice acting and laughably bad dialogue.
  5. Terrible physics.
  6. Horrible controls.


Thunderbolt gave the game a 1 out of 10, calling it the worst game he ever played. The game has a rating of 1.09 on GameFAQs, with a reviewer calling it the worst game on the PS2.