This Game Sucks, But At Least It's Better Than Big Rigs! is a Joke Flash game made by YouTube game reviewer ThuN00b.


During his review of Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing, ThuN00b stated he could make a better game than Big Rigs, even though he knows nothing about making Video Games. To prove his point he made this game. The game is intentionally made to suck, but if you beat it you can watch ThuN00b's review of it.

Why It Sucks (but in a good way)

  1. The title itself admits that the game sucks!
  2. The game scrolls too fast and the truck you control moves rather slow.
  3. The only sound in the entire game is an obnoxious music loop.
  4. Once you grab the golden coin in each level you can die and keep the coin.
  5. Obstacle cars move like they're drunk drivers
  6. Headache inducing backgrounds.
  7. The whole game is pure trial and error.
  8. You can run over people in level 3 and kill them.
  9. Missingno., a glitch pokémon, is a hazard!
  10. The bonus level is Rainbow Road from Mario Kart?
  11. You can beat the game in less than 5 minutes.
  12. If you want to rewatch the review of the game you have to beat it again.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. As the name implies, it IS better than Big Rigs.
  2. One of the pedestrians you can run over in Level 3 is "Mike", a cartoon character created by ThuN00b that frequently appears in his reviews and is portrayed as an idiot. You ever wanted to hit Mike with a truck? Now you can!

Thun00b's Big Rigs Review

Big Rigs Over the Road Racing, ThuN00b Review

Big Rigs Over the Road Racing, ThuN00b Review


Here's the link to the game: