"The original cartoon fox that gave gamers nightmares!" ~Darklordjadow1

Titus was a French company who developed and published games for multiple platforms. It was founded in 1985 and filed for bankruptcy in June 2004, with their last game being RoboCop, based on the film series of the same name. The company's most infamous game is Superman 64.

Notable titles

  1. Superman 64
  2. RoboCop
  3. The Blues Brothers
  4. Carmageddon 64
  5. Blues Brothers 2000
  6. Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
  7. Oscar
  8. Top Gun: Combat Zones
  9. Barbarian
  10. Downforce
  11. Kao the Kangaroo
  12. Incredible Crisis

Why Their Games Sucked

  1. Poor music and sound effects.
  2. Hideous controls.
  3. Poor graphics.
  4. Numerous bugs and glitches.
  5. Poor enemy A.I.
  6. Blocky models and low-quality textures.
  7. Poor voice acting.
  8. Terrible collision detection.
  9. Horrible framerate.
  10. Lack of replay value.
  11. Poor and lackluster level design.
  12. Terrible draw distance.
  13. Frustrating difficulty.
  14. Terrible camera angles.
  15. Lackluster physics.
  16. They're allergic to playtesting.

Why The Company Sucked

  1. They pretty much used Titus the Fox as their company logo and they never gave him a sequel, they pretty much named the game after themselves.
  2. Their founders almost caused Interplay Entertainment to go completely bankrupt.
  3. Creepy logo (The version with Titus the Fox however is less creepy)
  4. They would rush their games out for no reason.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. They've published the occasional good game every now and again, like Incredible Crisis.