Ultima IX: Ascension is an RPG developed in 1999 for Windows by Origin Systems and published by Electronic Arts. It is the last game of the classic Ultima series and the closing chapter of the Guardian Trilogy.


After the Avatar escaped from Pagan in the previous game, he returns to the real world only to be summoned again to Britannia, which is again under attack by the Guardian, who has summoned black pillars which are corrupting the essence of the land and perverting the Virtues.

Why it Sucks

  1. This game DOES NOT WORK. Various unofficial patches are needed just to make the game run.
  2. Even after making the game run, it is riddled with glitches. The game constantly crashes, especially while saving, which WILL corrupt your save.
  3. The game is totally linear, unlike it's open-ended predecessors.
  4. The world of Britannia is much much smaller than the previous games
  5. Lots of plotholes and the main characters are all idiots
  6. Terrible and inconsistent voice-acting (Almost every NPC you talk to is likely to have a completely different accent even if they all live in the same area)
  7. Most of the game's story outright contradicts the canon set by the previous games, completely disregarding the continuity of the series.
  8. SPOILERS The characterization of the Avatar has him forget things that he should know, like Dupre, a Paladin who sacrificed his life to restore the Chaos Serpent.

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