Ultima VII: The Black Gate is a "port" of the computer RPG released in 1994 for the Super Nintendo by Origin Software.

Why it Sucks

Note: This also applies to the Super Famicom version of Savage Empire.

  1. Awful graphics.
  2. A lot of the content of the original was removed, including whole towns, NPCs, items and dungeons. Almost all music and sound effects were removed as well.
  3. The game is smaller and more linear, instead of the huge open world of the original.
  4. You only control the Avatar instead of being able to create a party, and you can't even customize him. The whole combat system of the original is removed in favor of a generic Zelda-style system.
  5. Severely broken hit detection, both on the Avatar and enemies.
  6. You're given a ridiculously small life bar at the start of the game, making it possible for even weak enemies to kill you with one hit.
  7. The script was severely bowderlized due to Nintendo's censorship, resulting in a game that plays nothing like the original. Most notably, the murder that opens the game is changed into a kidnapping, which is never followed up on.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Despite the censorship cuts, the game still retains the same overall, intriguing story as the PC original.
  2. As bad as the port is, it's not quite the worst console port of an Ultima game; that dishonor goes to the near-unplayable NES port of Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny.