Valis II is an action game developed by Renovation Game (a subsidiary of Telenet Japan) for the PC-98, MSX and X6800 in 1989. It is the second game in the Valis series and a completely different game from the TurboGrafx-16 CD/PC Engine CD version.


After Yuko defeated Rogles in the previous game, the Dark World entered a civil war. Amidst the turmoil, the Cruel King Megas was released from his dimensional prison and took over the Dark World overnight, setting his sights on the Dream World and slaughtering everyone who opposed him. The remaining followers of Rogles go to the Human World to get revenge on Yuko and steal her Valis Sword, so Yuko has once again to defend the Dream World from this new threat.

Why it Sucks

  1. Bad controls and collision detection.
  2. Choppy scrolling.
  3. Unfair difficulty, with many enemies shooting from out of reach.
  4. Insane boss battles. Bosses are usually large and take a lot of punishment before dying.
  5. The game features auto-scrolling stages where the character files like a Shoot'em Up. For some reason, your health constantly depletes in these segments. There are also various dead-ends in these stages, which get you automatically killed due to the auto-scrolling.
  6. A much darker tone than every other game in the series. The villain, who is tragic and honorable in the console versions, is a megalomaniacal tyrant here. A major character, who dies offscreen in the console versions, is killed onscreen in cold blood by the villain in this game.
  7. The game's cutscenes feature copious amounts of blood and gore, as well as actual nudity in the for of exposed female nipples.