The game’s PS3 cover.

Vampire Rain (ヴァンパイアレイン Vanpaia Rein) is an Xbox 360 stealth-action game by Artoon, Marvelous AQL, and Ignition Entertainment that was released in 2007. It received a PS3 port, called Vampire Rain: Altered Species, in 2008.


The American Information Bureau‘s black ops unit face off against nightwalkers (vampires) that roam the streets of Los Angeles.

Why It Sucks

  1. Uninspired gameplay that feels like a Metal Gear or a Splinter Cell rip off.
  2. Overly powerful enemies that take forever to kill and can kill you in one-two hits.
  3. Your knife, which can stealth-kill enemies in one hit, has limited ammunition. To make things worse, other weapons that can also score one-hit kills, like shotguns and sniper rifles, rarely appear in the game.
  4. Cheap AI that can very easily and effortlessly detect you.
  5. Terrible, and sometimes non-existent sound effects.
  6. Weak and uninspired story.
  7. Poor English voice acting.
  8. The ending leaves off with unsatisfaction leaving the player questioning and wondering what happens next, in which there will never be a sequel.


Despite positive reception in Japan, both versions of the game were met with extremely negative reviews worldwide to the point that ScrewAttack named it the worst Xbox 360 game of 2007.

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