Velvet Assassin is a stealth game developed by Replay Studios and published by SouthPeak Games in April 28th, 2009.

The game was originally known as Sabotage during its devolpment and the protaganist was named after Violette Sbazo, an covert agent and spy.


Born in Dorset, Violette Summer (voiced by Melinda Y. Cohen) grew up in a happy family and had a great and active childhood. Initially, she started her working life in a beauty salon before the outbreak of war inspired her to move to London and join the weapon industry. It did not take too long for her to be noticed by the secret services, as she was beautiful, athletic and had great attention to detail, and so she was soon recruited into SIS during Britain’s darkest hours. Violette had lost an aunt during one of the first Luftwaffe bombing attacks and to further compound her heartache she later lost her RAF husband in battle. However, Summer was strong willed and used these painful experiences to inspire her to succeed as a spy for the SIS.

Summer managed to carry out several missions successfully before being gravely wounded by a sniper on a mission to kill Kamm, a Nazi military intelligence officer. Comatose in a hospital in France, Violette relives key moments in a series of flashbacks. Hence, the bulk of gameplay will take place during these flashbacks. The missions include blowing up a fuel depot on the Maginot Line, assassination of a colonel in a cathedral in Paris, stealing documents and marking a sub pen for bombers in Hamburg during Operation Gomorrah, and finding three secret agents in Warsaw. Moving through the city's sewer system, she finds one agent seriously wounded (and silences him) and another dead by cyanide poisoning, and a mission that involved moving through the Warsaw Ghetto, where the residents were either rounded up or executed, Violette makes her way through to the Gestapo's Pawiak prison to give cyanide to the third agent.

Through her memories, scenes from the hospital can be seen with two men arguing whether to keep Violette alive, give her up to the SS, or kill her to save her the torture if captured by the Nazis. Her location betrayed, Violette wakes from her coma to find the enemy troops entering the hospital. Escaping them, Violette finds the villagers being murdered or rounded up by a force from the Dirlewanger Brigade, a brutal SS unit of convicts, and taken to the church. Locking the villagers in, the soldiers set fire to the church. Violette is unsuccessful at trying to free the villagers, and due to emotional and physical exhaustion, collapses. The enemy leader is shown to be Kamm, whose face was burned by Violette's assassination attempt. In the end credits, Violette is shown in her hospital gown standing on a cliff overlooking a German plane.

Why it Sucks

  1. Bad 7-hour campaign.
  2. Poor stealth mechanics.
  3. You can't even pick up the weapons that enemies drop when they die!
  4. The unique stealth aspect of the game where that is a shadow meter around Violette's health bar which allows her not to be detected by enemies when in dark areas. this ability becomes annoying as you have to constantly wait for an enemy to come out of the dark room.
  5. There's only one character in the entire game, Violette Summer, and the same bland enemies.
  6. Only 4 weapons avaliable in the entire game, Pistol, Assault Rifle, Shotgun and Knife. On some promotional wallpapers, Violette is seen using a Sniper Rifle, which does not appear in the game.
  7. While all cutscene's graphics looks good, the game has lifeless graphics. InFamous, while also released in 2009, still looks better.
  8. It is very easy to die.
  9. The weapons have poor accuracy. If you use an Assault Rifle to kill an enemy at medium range or long range, your bullets will miss the enemy. This doesn't apply to AI who aim perfectly that the player can't.
  10. Poor sound effects of the weapons.
  11. Little to no replay value.
  12. The story is incrediblily cringeworthy.
  13. No multiplayer.
  14. No sequel to the game was released.
  15. No extras or collectibles.
  16. The clothing aspect of the game is more like an afterthought
  17. You can buy upgrades which don't give you anything.
  18. No multiplayer mode.
  19. The game was not advertised most of in 2009, leading it to poor sales.
  20. The melee in the game causes Violette to hit an enemy with a knife that does very weak damage and she can be killed in a matter of seconds.
  21. Morphine Mode makes no sense; when you've first got one syringe in the first misson, you'll see a cutscene of Violette in a coma, and it goes back to normal.
  22. Cheesy voice acting.
  23. No mini-games.
  24. You can't even drive a car, or a motorcycle as well.
  25. Velvet Assassin does a terrible job at using its stealth mechanic, which means that if you don't use the stealth mechanic in half of the game, you won't get a penalty; This is because the stealth mechanic the game does not give players a real and tough challenge in the game whatsoever.
  26. The game doesn't use its checkpoint mechanic so well. Often at an certain point, the game will "save" your game. When you actually die, you have to start all over again.
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  27. long loading times.
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