The VictorMaxx Virtual Reality Stuntmaster was an accessory that was made for both the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo, sporting cords that plugged into both systems. Unlike the R-Zone, the Stuntmaster did not rip off the Virtual Boy because it actually predates the Virtual Boy, having been made in 1993.

Why it Sucks

  1. Only a Model 1 Genesis would work for it.
  2. Extremely difficult to set up.
  3. There were no instructions to set it up, instead having a fake résumé.
  4. The size and weight put serious discomfort on the nose.
  5. It's advertised to having a motion sensor that determines if you move your head, but all it was is a stick that connected to your shirt to shift the display.
  6. The cords were a mess.
  7. If a gamer actually got it working, all they would get was a muddy, Game Gear-like display that strained the eyes.
  8. Despite being advertised as being able to work for SNES, there were no cables that would fit in it.


James Rolfe and Mike Matei looked at the accessory in a video and both agreed the Virtual Boy was better.